Realtor and Home Buyer Information


The following is information to assist Realtors in representing the homeowners of Sentinel on the River to sell their property and the prospective buyers to explore homes sales in Sentinel on the River.

  • Community Management Associates, Inc. (CMA) is the property management company for Sentinel on the River.   
  • Sentinel on the River is a mandatory homeowner association.  As of 2023, the HOA dues are $1600 annually.  Payments are made quarterly on January 1st, April 1st, July 1st and October 1st.  Also there is a $1200 new owner Capital Contribution Fee which shall be paid by the Buyer at closing.  There are no current special assessments approved.      
  • CMA uses Condocerts for all Closing Letters.  Also see CMA instructions for Closing Letters and Estoppels, Statement of Accounts, Lenders Questions, Foreclosure and Deeds, Third Party Instructions, Certificate of Insurance and Governing Documents.    
  • Realtor must comply with Sentinel on the River signage specifications. Contact Signkwik to prepare sign.  There are additional rules regarding the sign which are located here
  • For buyers, you may get to know the neighborhood better by reviewing the information on "Getting to Know the Community." 
  • For your convenience, the following are copies of certain documents that relate to Sentinel on the River. While the Association attempts to keep its records up to date and actuate, it is advisable to obtain copies from Condocerts or from the official source or recording offices.  Also provided are the Architectural Guideline, Pool and Tennis Court Rules and references to Roswell and other government websites. 
  1. Various Amendments and Supplements to Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions 
  2. Amended Bylaws
  3. Architectural Guidelines
  4. Pool Rules 2022
  5. Pool and Tennis Court Rules
  6. Roswell Rules and Regulations
  7. Metropolitan River Protection Act

The Sentinel on the River Homeowners and Recreation Association can be reached as follows:

CMA Client Services 800.522.6314




Updated on March 10, 2020