One of the anticipated events of the year at Sentinel on the River is the Pool Opening Party.  Sentinel on the River has an junior Olympic size pool.  In addition to the main pool there is a child's wading area and umbrella shower. Open season begins in mid-May until the end of September.  During Open Season, lifeguards are scheduled at specific times.  Please check the schedule for the day and times.  The pool is open to residents and their guests. The new pool rules as of June 1, 2022 are: 

   1.  By entering this amenity area, you acknowledge and accept all responsibility and liability for your use, and also any adult and minor child living in your household.

   2.  Pool Hours are daily from 6:00 AM to 10:00 PM during Pool Season.

   3.  Pool access is only through the gate. Ensure that the gate closes and locks after your entry.  Do not prop the gate open. Access is by assigned code via telephone or fob or card.

   4.  Use of this Amenity is at YOUR OWN RISK, including the Risk of Exposure to All Communicable Diseases and Illnesses.

   5. All guests must be accompanied by an authorized adult HOA member. An adult family member of each household needs to be always present when family members or guests are using the Pool. Children 14 or younger must be accompanied by an adult. The number of guests is limited to ten (10) per household and if resident is 18 or younger, only four (4) guests are permitted.

   6. Only persons wearing proper swim attire are permitted in the pool area. Disposable swim diapers are allowed in the water.

   7. Only one person permitted on diving board at a time.

   8. Use of any music playing device is permitted with headphones only.

   9. No horseplay, running, jumping, rough and boisterous conduct permitted.

   10. No glass or breakable materials are allowed in the pool area.

   11. No smoking is permitted (including e-cigarettes and similar devices) in the pool area.

  12. No animals are permitted in the pool area.

   13. No improper conduct, threatening, foul, offensive, profane, or abusive language permitted.

   14. Unauthorized users of the pool must vacate immediately upon request.

   15. Lifeguard stand is for the sole use of lifeguards. Residents and guests are not to climb, sit or jump from stand.

   16. Trash must be placed in the trash receptacles.

Violation, if any, of the above rules will be reported to the Board and Pool Committee. Violations will be recorded as well as a letter sent to the resident homeowner as official notice of the violation.  After the first warning, a final letter of notification will result in immediate revocation of privileges for the season.

June 1, 2022